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Offering coaching for low

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low stakes FR coaching
  7footer, Feb 14 2009

I realize this being my first post there may be some skeptics but I have lurked on LP for sometime and anyone not satisfied with the first hour of coaching can have a full refund.

I started playing Full Ring full time in January 2008. I 24 tabled and was able to achieve a hourly of >$100hr last year. Unfortunately in the early part of 08 I only had a 20gb hard drive as I was using an old computer so I had to delete many of my old hands. I improved drastically last year and had a win rate of approximately 2.5 ptbb/100 for the whole yr. which i maintained while 24 tabling.

Towards the end of 08 I began to get incredibly burned out by the grind of 24 tables so I finished clearing a milestone bonus on stars and switched to ftp. I now plan on playing 8-12 tables at a time and really focusing on improving my game and moving up limits.

The top database is the last of what I had on my computer from 08 on stars and the bottom database is my winnings on ftp so far this yr. I really haven't been able to play many hands this yr yet as I'm pretty lazy and was at PCA.

I prefer to coach using Skype/teamviewer and sweating the student or having them sweat me and then going over important hands at the end of the session. With me you get a coach that can train you how to mega table to crank out that pretty hourly or how to play less tables and really focus on crushing the fish and other regulars.

My current coaching fee structure is:

50nl = $40hr
25nl and lower = $30hr

I will most likely go over an hour on most sessions as I am not a clock watcher. I also offer a discount on bulk hour purchases.

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